W.W.Live 7.2.51 Empty Screen

When I click on my temperature button in tray it used to give my my WW Live Website but now it just gives me a empty screen with nothing in it but an outline of where the information should be. It dose give me the (REFRESH-NOW-HOURLY-MONTHLY-DAILY-LOCAL-ALERTS-MAPS-OPTIONS) the city I am trying to access and the time it was last updated. At the very bottom the line is shown also the first word is HISTORY last word SETTINGS.

I am not sure if I have a BUG of some kind or why all of a sudden this is happening because it has been working just fine for a long time. I did want to add my monthly had been keeping all of this month but now its not keeping weather daily at all. I have rebooted but that does not help. I am using IE Windows 8.1 and Chrome :sad:



Try reinstalling Weather Watcher. If that does not help, then temporarily switch to a different weather station to see if it’s an issue with the weather station itself.


I have tried a reinstall and that does not seem to help and I did try a different City with same results. I do get current results in tray of my weather and when I click on it it gives me all of the data that I subscribed to in the options. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I was forced to do a reinstall to my computer and when that happened I seem to have had something happen to WW Live which I miss terribly. I am used to going to screen to see weather for next several days and now its not available. Anymore suggestions…Maybe an older version possibly?



Which version of IE do you have installed?


Was there every a solution for this issue? I just bought the software and am experiencing issues. When I open weather watcher live i get no forecast information displayed. I do the temp to display in the systray and do have forecast when i hover on the icon.The program freezes and I am unable to X out of it. I have to right click on the systray icon to exit. Also, when i run a the list of weather station, I get a list but none of the show on the map.


jawbrkr, which version of Windows and Weather Watcher are you using?


Every thing is working just fine. I had a tech to a complete clean of my computer and after that most everything worked much better including W.W.Live.

I truly love this program since I have been a user for over 10 years as you well know.


jerrymoose[/b] =D>