Vista / Gadget


I know you work hard on this to begin with, and that you don’t get as many returns as you would like. For that reason I would be willing to pay if you ported the WW over to a Vista Gadget - the current weather gadget pretty much displays the current condition and temp and location and that is about it.

For more information on Gadget development:

I would gladly take you up on that offer if there was a great enough demand. I think the demand is in other places… and sadly, I’m only one person, so I can only do so much at once :cool:

Well Vista has been RTM today so it will be on pcs in the stores before Christmas and it will be available to the public Jan 30.

Are you going to install it? I’m thinking I might wait a while.

If it had come out before Christmas I might have gotten a copy from Santa but since it won’t be released to the public until the end of January it will be awhile before I get it.

It took 2 yrs before I upgraded to Win XP, and after 3 attempts.


I have been running the beta version for about 6 weeks. I would NOT suggest upgrading a computer to Vista. If you are in the market for a new computer, wait for Vista, but don’t upgrade what you have.

Weather Watcher is fully compliant under the Vista platform and I have had absolutely no problems. I am running the RC2 version build 5744.

If you do decide to upgrade, all a MINIMUM of 1 1/2 hours for the upgrade. I have a 3.4 Ghz dell with 2 gig ram and it still took that long. Can’t imagine how long it takes in older and slower computers.

Installed your latest version of WW and like another poster had posted, I do not see any optioons for dual monitors as I have on my system.

Is there something place I am missing?


I just fixed the odd behavior of some of the Weather Watcher windows on dual-monitor systems. I will be added some new map features soon. See my other post :icon_smile:

Vista RTM

WW 5.6.16 seems to work fine on Vista RTM. I have not tried everything, but it seems to install and update weather without a hitch. Tray icon temperature looks like i have some tweaking to do (color/fonts).

Mike, if you would make a Vista “gadget” version of WW I will be the first to pony up $100 towards your efforts. Email me separately if you want to discuss.