View forecast at not working

I am using WW 5.6.6, for zip code 32202. When I open the program from the tray by double clicking the tray icon, I have the WW screen showing my local forecast. I click the link for View this forecast at and I get the dreaded the page can not be displayed :sad:
Here is the link it trys to open:


That problem has been fixed in the newer releases of WW.

If you prefer to keep the release you have you can change the incorrect URL in the skin’s Forecast .wtp templates, they can be opened with Notepad. Search for “www.w3” and replace it with just “www”. Save the fixed files, have WW retrieve new data and you should be set to go.


Thank you for the info.

Okay, I must be seeing things or not. I checked my version again and it lists 5.6.6 so I right click on the tray icon and select Check for newer version and it replies back there is no newer version. I go to the web site,, and it shows the version as 5.6.25, so I am confused as to where the current version is if I do not have it?