VGA support ?

I would suggest WW to support VGA screen so that it display correctly(same full screen size) as on a QVGA screen.

:-s 800x600? 640x480?

Which skin? Splendid? Classic? Splendid Mini?


So, Ronny, are you saying you want WW Desktop to look like WW Mobile?

Ok, now I understand QVGA. Thanks johngalt. But now I’m not sure I understand what ronnyvaio wants. Do you want the standard WW Splendid skin to fill your pc screen, ie with enlarged icons and etc rather than merely a stretched window? Or do you want a WW window similar to that seen on a QVGA screen?

For the former interpetation changing your Windows’ screen resolution should get you close to that.

For the latter interpetation using my Eds Splendid Mobil and Eds Splendid Mini skins might appeal to you.

Thanks all for interested in this discussion. Perhaps I have messed up the point.

WW can display on VGA screen, but the font size and icon size become too small. I would like WW to add an option to customize bigger size(s).

One bigger problem after trying WW info update on VGA screen with WiFi…
WW works normally on QVGA screen but info update does not work on VGA screen. It displays “cannot find internet connection”.

I am still lost - I use WW on a VGA (well, SVGA) screen all the time at 1600 X 1200 resolution and the fonts are not too small for me.

So, apparently I am missing a key point here.

Ronny, could you explain in detail what you are doing, including the application that you are using, the OS you are using, and perhaps a screen shot or two of what the problem is?

I am using WW on Dell X50v 624MHz PPC with VGA display (630x480)

Typo error, should be 640x480

Perhaps I did not make it clear. I am referring to WW Mobile. Sorry about that.

Same thing as your other post - wrong forum.

I think Mike will get around to moving it to the correct forum soon, but I don’t use WW Mobile, so now I know why none of it was making sense.

Really sorry!! :shock: I didn’t note WW Mobile is just underneath and I thought it is WWM.

Not a problem - understandable.