Version number

Hello, since I updated to version 6.0.11, every time i start the computer, i get a message that there is a new version. The new version should be 6.0.11.

I noticed, that the version I have is version instead of version 6.0.11.

Can you please correct me if i get wrong.

with regards, Flip

The latest version is 6.0.11, I suggest you uninstall the version you have now, and re-install 6.0.11 found Here.

If you are uncertain how to uninstall completely see Here.

Or just follow the prompt you are getting on start up! I assume it’s a Yes or No prompt if you want to update.

flipflipsen, the version checker compares the version number listed on the Weather Watcher Live About window. As biggles150 suggested, please try reinstalling Weather Watcher Live. While I don’t think it’s necessary to first uninstall Weather Watcher Live, it certainly would not hurt anything.