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Version 7.2.244 slow to update.

7.2.244 is slow updating when WWL is launched or when I click on Update. It is taking two to four minutes to load.
I have Win 10, Splendid2, Weather Station: Nob’s House Off St. Bernard St. - KLATHIBO9
Forecast for Thibodaux, LA
I know this happened in the past.

Still slow updating, it is taking three to four minutes.
Any ideas of a fix?

I’m not able to reproduce this. It seems like something outside of Weather Watcher (something unique to your computer) is causing the slowness.

How did you resolve this issue when it happened last time?

There were a few of us having this problem and you tweaked something in the program to fix it.

Happen to have a link or email handy showing where we discussed this?

I might be mistaken. I am thinking it was a different program I was having issues with and not yours.
It was so long ago I am not sure.
I am going to play around and see if I can find out what is causing the slow reload issue.

I’m running 7.2.237 and this has been happening to me. The update progress bar goes quickly to halfway and then sits for several minutes, and finally finishes quickly.

I am using 7.2.242 and this evening it started updating properly.
I didn’t find anything that was slowing the updates down.
My updates also would stop at 50% and sit there for three or four minutes.
Like I said it is updating correctly now.
Mike did you tweek something to fix this hang?


It’s working fine now. I didn’t find anything that would cause the problem.