v5.0.22g Transparency bug under other Win XP shell

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I’m running Blackbox for Windows (BBWin32), an alternative Explorer Shell for Windows XP. Previous versions of Weather Watcher have always displayed the tray icons with transparency properly. However, with the latest update, (5.0.22g), transparency makes the icon white-edged and fuzzy. Ironically this is one supposed to be one of the bugfixes in this update. :slight_smile: I will be sending Mike a screen capture of the bug.

The option to use the default browser instead of only IE to view weather maps is a very welcome amendment indeed. May I suggest that if possible, alternative weather engines be utilised as well in place of or in conjunction with Weather Channel? I’ve been trying out Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com) and it seems to be a pretty consistent service.

Thanks for the great work, Mike!

The “g” update was supposed to fix the transparency problem in Windows 98. The problem is not totally fixed, but it is much better. The next release will contain a fix to revert the Windows XP/2000 transparency feature back to the way it was before the “g” release.