Using WW 1.0.8 and WM6.1

I am using WW 1.0.8 and WM6.1.

Although it downloads new data each time I open WW it does not display the new data but instead it just shows the same old data from a few days ago.

I used to use it with WM5 and it worked fine.

Now with WM6.1 it opens the data in Opera. Even if I press reload it does not show me the updated data. Must I rather use it with PIE? How do I make it use PIE as the associated browser? Or is there something else wrong?

Thanks for any tips… :icon_smile:

Weather Watcher Mobile uses Microsoft’s web browser control. Regardless of your default web browser setting, the web browser control displays web content using PIE. For some reason, the web browser control does not function properly on mobile devices when PIE is not the default web browser. As far as I know, setting PIE as the default web browser is the only fix.

Thanks Mike.

Anyway I finally got to the bottom of this…

Seems Opera was not the problem. I made PIE my default browser and it still does not work correctly.

After trying everything under the sun, I can confirm the only way to actually update the reports is via an activesync connection to the PC. The reports will not update using just the phone’s in-built GPRS, 3G or HSDPA connections. This must be a WM6.1 issue because it worked fine with my old MW5 phone.

Oh, well :frowning: