Using Ad-aware


I’m having a really BIG problem with using Microsoft Ad-ware with Sticky’s.

Every time I run Ad-ware all my Sticky’s disappear. There isn’t any way to retrive them again. Please email me.

As a Senior Citizen I love their “FREE” and using them for tasks and appointments. My memory isn’t very good. They keep me organized.


Hi foxylady … I see there are a lot of views but no replies to this message. I also am close to being a senior and I love Stick It! The little stickies help me stay organized.

I thought I lost my stickies because of my computer going into “hibernation” or “standby”. But I’ll bet you it’s because of the adware program I run too.

I’ll have to test that out.

I’ve sent a support note about my stickies disappearing and I’ll let you know what they say!



Glennys R. Savage-Moore

Ad-Aware & SpyBot automatically delete all cookies (which I personally think is overkill)</font id=“size1”>. Does StickIt use cookies?

Ed</font id=“size2”>

EdP, cookies are not used. The notes are stored in the following Windows registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\StickIt

Interesting. I wonder then why Ad-Aware would delete them.

Course the original poster didn’t say Ad-Aware she said “Microsoft Ad-ware” and Glennys said “adware” both of which could be cheap imitations of the real program. Microsoft’s AntiSpyware beta pgm was only recently released so I don’t know what foxylady200246 was using when she posted in December.

Ed</font id=“size2”>

I’m going to really watch to see when my StickIts disappear. I’ll get back to you as soon as I figure it out – soon!

[:)] Glennys


Glennys R. Savage-Moore