Updating other maps?

I was wondering if there’s a way to both: 1) display the lightning map all the time, and 2) make it update at the same frequency as everything else? Same question about the map browser, it doesn’t look like the accuweather radar I loaded in is updating. I’m trying to use this application as a “weather station” on a TV, so I don’t want to have to manually refresh everything.

You could keep both the map windows (e.g. the lightning map) and the map browser window open all the time. Neither window will auto refresh though.

I could add a setting to make both of those windows auto refresh (if open) when the weather auto updates. Would that work for you?

That would be perfect!

I added this new setting (see below) to this Weather Watcher build. You can install this new build right over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.

This new feature will only refresh the open map windows (not the Map Browser window). All of the maps in the Map Browser window can also be accessed from the “Maps” menu in the main Weather Watcher window, so you can open those maps as regular map windows too.