Updates but weather stations are updated?


First post here… despite being long time user of Weather watcher live.

Anyway, I have noticed that I had a few pop-up messages saying that there is a new update so followed link to update WW.

But, in the last 3 or 4 updates in a few weeks, I have noticed in the tray icon that I see N/A so I presume the weather station that I selected is not either updated or not available as I see other weather stations nearby have sent Temp icons on the tray but most haven’t in the Change Station list.

Also, when I change weather station to another station in the Change section, I get blank white screen.

Using XP.

So, I am wondering whether the stations around me in the Stations list are not updating their systems or stopped using WW, so, how do I know whether the station is active or not?



The weather station search map uses Google Maps to display the location of the weather stations. Since Google Maps requires Internet Explorer 10 (or higher) to be installed, it’s not possible to use it on Windows XP (since it’s not compatible with Internet Explorer 10). Weather Watcher uses an Internet Explorer control to display that map – which explains why the version of Internet Explorer matters.

N/A is usually a sign that the selected weather station is either temporarily or permanently down.

If the weather station has a webpage, you can click the weather logo at the bottom, right corner in the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window. That’ll show you the current details being reported by the weather station at the source. You’ll also be able to see the last time the weather data was updated.

If you need help verifying whether or not the weather station is online, then post a screenshot showing the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window and I’ll take a look.