Updated to newest version, now not working


As I logged on my pc this morning I received the update notice for the newest version. I closed off all programs and downloaded. Ran the program but it no longer works. It freezes up, doesn’t update temps, half of screen is blank etc. I uninstalled and reinstalled, same problem. I uninstalled again this time choosing to go to a previous version…doesn’t work same problem. Any ideas what might be wrong? I checked to make sure it wasn’t being blocked by firewall etc. Just don’t understand why it just stopped. I am using Vista and had no problems in the past. :shock:


Cuppasgirl, some security-related application is most likely causing this issue. Try temporarily disabling all security-related applications one-by-one and try disabling Vista UAC.

Just smack me with a 2x4…I needed to check the compatibilities box for Vista. Duh! :-({|=

All is fine and dandy now.

Thanks so much for an outstanding program!

CuppasGirl :cheers: