Update with HotSync ?

I would suggest adding ability to update weather info via HotSync with internet-ready PC.

Just like how AnantGo works because for most of the time, my PPC is not connected to the internet.

IOW, you’re saying allow for WW to be run on a machine not connected to the Internet, and use an alternate method (like your HotSync suggestion) to retrieve the files from another machine acting as a ‘server’ that is connected to the Internet…

For all that, you could simply have the machine that is connected to a server just export the data to an HTML fie that you could load locally via the network, giving you the same info.

You could also use briefcase, or some other network sync tool, to manually set up a sync process between the WW install on the machine connected to the Internet and the machine not connected to the internet…

But searching for those programs (I know HotSync, used it with my Palm) and AnantGo, it seems this is more appropriate for WW Mobile than the standard desktop client, right?

Thanks for you replay. Sorry I mis-type the word, what I mean should be “ActiveSync” for PPC.

My PC is always connected to the internet. I think if WW can add a “conduit” similar to AvantGo, WW update can auto take place on ActiveSync.

Then I can do an ActiveSync every morning and WW auto updated. This would be simple and most convenience to me.

Check WW’s Options’ window’s Auto Update tab.

Also review the Weather Watcher’s ReadMe.chm file.

Perhaps I did not make it clear. I am referring to WW Mobile. Sorry about that.

Then this should have been posted in the WW Mobile forums, which is the main reason we were confused.

Really sorry!! :shock: I didn’t note WW Mobile is just underneath and I thought it is WWM.