Update intervals

I’ve watched WW5.5c for a day now and find that the “observed” times only change once an hour and always at 52 minutes after the hour. I’m presuming that WW gets its data from weather.com. Is that all the more frequently that weather.com updates? If so, I guess I don’t see the point in being able to update as frequently as the auto update option allows. Perhaps those of you who’ve been using WW longer can clue me in. Do updates happen more often if there are major weather changes or storm warnings?

I tried Weatherbug and really liked that it kept very current with its “near-live” feed from a nearby airport, but I hated the popups.

It is my experience that Weather.com updates hourly also. 54 after the hr for here. The only advantage of setting WW to update frequently is catching the Weather.com update as soon as it occurs. Personally my WW update frequency is set for every 30 mins.

If there are major weather warnings WW flashes a weather alert above the Task Bar’s WW icon.

WeatherBug is full of adware.


Senator, that’s about right. I’ve seen the weather update within 30-minute intervals before. 1 hour is usually normal though.