Update bug

Hey Mike,

After a long struggle trying to narrow down my problem, I’ve figured out that it was you all along! hehe, okay so here’s what I’ve come across. It may be a little long-winded, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the thoroughness.

I was using weather watcher 5.6.45, and that was working smoothly. However, I recently updated to 5.6.48, and this has caused an issue. In the windows event log, I see the following entries:

[code]Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MsiInstaller
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1001

Detection of product ‘{EF7E931D-DC84-471B-8DB6-A83358095474}’, feature ‘Core_Common’ failed during request for component ‘{0CDA3A4B-E3DC-4BDF-AA7E-00A8BF476602}’

An exhasutive search shows that this relates to the electronic arts download manager (EADM), which installed with some of my games months/years ago, but i do not use it and do not have it running. This seemed odd to me. I would also notice this very similar entry that would happen along with the first one. Note that sometimes, the “logs” directory sometimes would be the “html” directory.

[code]Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MsiInstaller
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1004

Detection of product ‘{EF7E931D-DC84-471B-8DB6-A83358095474}’, feature ‘Core_Common’, component ‘{2B3122EC-DCC5-494E-9788-352A5E62E9BF}’ failed. The resource ‘C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EADM\logs’ does not exist.

So, I first thought this was some EA issue, even though I’ve made no recent changes, such as installing, uninstalling, updating, or playing those games or files. I tried uninstalling the EADM automatically and then manually removing all traces on the HD and in the registry. After that, i STILL had the first entry coming up (though not the second one). I could not understand why it could still be an issue every 30 minutes in my logs when it was totally removed.

Well, I believe it occurs whenever weather watcher tries to look for an update. seemingly this occurs during both the program update check AND the weather update check, unless the two happen to be linked or i’m mistaken (do both use the new dl.exe?). Whenever the update check occurs, I get a window that quickly flashes and goes away. I believe that it says “waiting to install…” but it happens so fast that i am not 100% sure. This quick popup takes focus and will disrupt me if I’m in a full-screen game, for example. In the windows event log, I can see that there is a problem every 30 minutes, correlating to the update interval I have set (this is how I figured out that it was weather watcher). It will also write to the log if i manually check for updates. Closing weather watcher 5.6.48 or reinstalling version 5.6.45 both fix the problem, therefore I believe it is safe to say that I have found my culprit!

Please let me know if you can narrow down this issue. Meanwhile, I will stick with the older version. Thanks!

It looks like you have some kind of conflict between EA and Weather Watcher. I’ve seen this happen with other applications. The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility seems to solve the problem each time.


i had installed this before and neither weather watcher nor the EADM show up in the list. any other thoughts?

Look through the link below or contact EA for help. Perhaps they will know what that message means.


I’ve done that search before, and i suppose i can contact them to see if they’ll be of any help. i highly doubt it though.

just seems like you changed the update behavior and now it happens, whereas the old version updates fine for me. if they cannot help, or say that the issue is with you, i guess i’m just stuck until you change the update behavior again :x

thanks for your help.

Will the dl.exe from .45 work with WW .48?

Also I thought dl.exe was a rewrite yet when the mouse pointer is on it I see:


Maybe the wrong dl.exe got included with the update?? :-s

Ed_P, the new DL.EXE will not (should not) work with older Weather Watcher releases.

The correct DL.EXE was packaged with the current Weather Watcher release. It looks like the version number just needs to be rolled forward. It reset when I created the new application.

How about the other way around? Will the dl.exe from older releases work with the new release?

As for the dl.exe release number, it was in WW .45 thru .14.


EA is not much of a help (they either have no clue or simply don’t want to help their users with stuff like this), so i’ll just be sticking with the old version.

Here’s the solution to the problem.

I’ve checked all errors that appeared in Event Log during WWL update and found out that there were some problems with EADM complaining about missing… folders. So, if your installment of EADM is in “c:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EADM” then create 3 folders there named: html logs res. That solves the problem of Windows Installer popping out during WWL updates.

didn’t exactly work for me this way.

EADM also wanted an E: drive.

After creating the folders and executing subst e: “c:\program files” the popup no longer appears when dl updates.

I suppose a check with regedit may fix the e: drive thing.

That seems to have solved the issue for me at least for the moment…

GadgetGeek, which version of Weather Watcher did you install and what exactly isn’t working?