Update all

Just found your program. Has got to be the best looking, best featured weather program out there for the mobile platform.

I track the weather for three cities, and would love to be able to auto update all three at the click of the stylus or by having an “update all” option on the menu.

Updating the forecast when I change the active city doesn’t give me much, as to update all I would still have too many steps + I don’t always want to do an update when I change cities.



Unfortunately I travel a lot (many cities) and I would love to have an option to update all with one ?update all icon? too.

:thumbright: Good suggestion. I would also like to see Weather Watcher automatically update when I switch the Active City.

Great program, BTW.

Spadboy, did you try checking the “Automatically update forecasts when active city is changed” checkbox in the “Cities” tab of the Weather Watcher Mobile Options window.

The forecast auto update is already available, I think the feature we are hoping for is to allow the complete values for more than one city available offline, so we dont have to update everytime we switch cities and it will already be on the device. Thanks for the consideration :cool:

Really useful app by the way… Thanks :cool:

alipendier, that sounds like a useful feature – especially for those people who aren’t always connected to the Internet. I’ll make a note of this and see what I can come up with.

Wow that was a quick response! Thanks for the consideration :cool:

Any news about “update all”? :cry: