Uneven bars showing

Mike, the bars seems to be off here. 0 has never been bigger than 5, that I know of. :wink: Seriously, though, I keep having to adjust the window. Is there any way to get them more in proportion to what they should be?


I’l check it out and get back to you.

Thank you, sir.

Mike, was this addressed in the new version?

No. The new version was not a planned release. It was necessary due to a new issue I found in the Weather Underground data feed.

I did spend some time looking at the above issue. The problem is that all of the graphs do not have the same range. For example, the max wind value is 60 i[/i] and the max humidity value is 100. Since the max values are different, 50 in the wind graph will be nearly full and 50 in humidity graph will be half full.

It sounds like you’re asking for 50 to show the same level in both graphs. Is that correct?

I was referring to the pic above where is shows 0 being higher than 5 in the other graph. I guess I’m not following you as I am confused now. I personally think they should all be uniform as far as from lowest to highest, no matter what graph they are in. It would be easier to distinguish them that way, I think. Or am I not understanding why they are the way they are?

It sounds like you’re asking for 50 to show the same level in both graphs. Is that correct?

I think so, yes.

Making 0 the same height across all of the graphs would be possible – with the exception of the Temperature graph since the value can go below 0. In my last comment above, I was trying to explain that 50 in the wind graph could never be at the same level as 50 in the humidity graph. And if I did adjust the graphs to make that possible, the wind graph would never reach above 50% of its height. That would be okay to do, but I’m thinking it would be harder to visually tell when the winds are extreme.

As long as they increment instead of 5 being below 0, then I am fine with however you think it should be. They should all have 0 as their very bottom, except, like you said, for the temp, and increment from there. Does that make any sense? I apologize if I’m explaining it wrong. :wink:

I made some adjustments to the bar graphs in the Weather Watcher Live build below. Please try it out and let me know what you think.


Thanks, Mike. I will install it now and get back to you.