Unable to find weather stations

I already have 6.022 installed on my laptop but did a clean install with updates of xp on a new hard drive on my desktop. Anyways, I downloaded 6.022 and installed it but it wouldn’t find any stations whether I input my zip code or physical location. I made sure the antivirus program was off and there was not firewall. I uninstalled and rebooted then reinstalled and it still didn’t work.

Then I thought why not try an older version. So I downloaded and installed 6.00 and it found the stations near me and I selected one and then updated it to 6.022. After the update I still can’t find any new stations but at least the station from 6.00 stayed active so at least I am happy.

Just an fyi…

Were you able to update the weather after reinstalling 6.0.22?

Actually I take that back. The weather did not update when I updated to 6.022. I uninstalled weather watcher and reinstalled 6.00 and am using that version as we speak because it is updating the weather but 6.022 won’t work for me. I’m fine with it though.

Best desktop weather program by far.

Please give the following Weather Watcher Live build a try:

Hello Mike,

I just installed the latest version of WWL 6.0.26 and it no longer finds my weather stations in 80538. Weatherbug finds them and my previous version of WWL found them (total of 3 stations). I don’t remember what version I had but I’ll try to find it and go back to that one. I installed the one you linked to in a previous post, ver 6.0.25 but that didn’t work either.

Any suggestions?


wrbird, what are the names of the stations you are trying to locate?

The same thing happened to me.

New user today. Loaded 6.0.26 into Vista SP1. After three installs and uninstalls it finally works. Got it to work by NOT selecting the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher live program folder” option.

Prior to that, on the first attempt I once could not get Station information. Next time I could get Station information, but upon restarting the program, the program would start with various script errors and essentially be unusable. Finally did not select the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher live program folder” option and things work fine.

The weather station names are:

Loveland, CO (Fort Collins)
Loveland, CO (Namaqua ES)
Loveland, CO (Stansberry ES)

Thanks for your help.


wrbird, I was able to find “Loveland, CO (Stansberry ES)” when I searched for “Loveland, CO”. I don’t see the other two stations – not even at WeatherBug.com. That means they are temporarily down or no longer available.

Hello Mike,

Thanks for looking into this for me. One of the sites is NWS so I would imagine that it’s temporarily down. So I’ll just give it some time and see what happens.

Thanks again. Weather Watcher Live is a great program.