Unable to download

When trying to download the full 5.5c install, I just get the message that the “webpage may have been removed or had its name changed.” I am using the Firefox browser (and will NOT use IE due to security problems), and the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall (in which I have set “www.singerscreations.com” to have no restrictions).

Hi Labradors,

Just try again. I just tried the download for 5.5c on the home page and it works fine now.

I had a message to SingersCreations.com bounce last night and suspect there was a temporary DNS issue. I noticed someone else in the forums had a bounced message as well.


Thanks, Pat.

I just tried again, and did not get the same message, but just a 31-byte files that says, “This object has been blocked.” I imagine that is from ZoneAlarm Pro. In fact, I noticed that ZA indicated that it had blocked objects. When I clicked on ZA’s privacy manager, however, the site that was blocked was “www.metaforums.com” and not only that, it changed. When I tried a different time, it was “www.acems.net” instead. Although I’ve downloaded and installed WW before, and really liked it, I’m not about to try installing anything that SAYS it’s to be downloaded from this site, but then actually tries to download from somewhere else.

The setup files for my software are spanned out on many different servers. If you download Weather Watcher from any link that starts with www.SingersCreations.com, then you can be assured that the link is safe. With the amount of downloads I get, there is no way that I can support all of the traffic on one server.

MetaForums.com and acems.net are two of the servers that host my setup files. If you’re computer is blocking those sites, then you have issues on your computer to work out.

Another important thing to note is that the download links for Weather Watcher randomly redirect out to my download servers. If you use some kind of download helper application, that could be causing the trouble too.

labradors, I can send you a direct link to the download from my website if you send an e-mail to Mike@SingersCreations.com. Just let me know which version you would like to download.

Thanks, Mike. I have sent you the email. The blocking of third-party sites is not “an issue” on the computer that needs to be worked out, but a security procedure that saves me a lot of problems from malware. In the year that I have been using these settings, this is the only difficulty I’ve had because of them, so I’d much rather go ahead with a direct download link than start creating holes now.

Up and running again. Thanks for the link, Mike. Now all is better. [:)]