Two new problems

Suddenly WW started “installing new skins” message on startup. I haven’t installed new skins and use the default Splendid skin for the interface.

Also, when I put my mouse over the day in the Current screen the forecast is displayed with the HTML tags.

I reinstalled the latest version but that didn’t help.

Bug or something on my computer?


Try installing the following Weather Watcher build:

Sorry, same issues with this build.

I uninstalled WW and then reinstalled this build on my Vista computer. This time, after going through the initial options setup the tool tip info is displayed correctly but I still receive the updating skins message.


Anyone have any ideas why WW always updates skins when starting?


Is the “General” Options tab --> “Store user files in Weather Watcher program folder…” box checked? If so, try unchecking it.

The box was unchecked.

I checked it and restarted WW and then went in and unchecked again thinking a setting may be corrupted. That didn’t fix it either.

Any other ideas?


Did you check the “WeatherWatcher.log” file any error messages? The easiest way to find that file:

1) Open the Weather Watcher Options window.
2) Click the “Open Skin Location” button in the “Skins” tab.
3) Go up one folder level.

You’ll find the “WeatherWatcher.log” file in that location if any error messages have been logged. Please post the file contents here if you find anything.


Here’s the line for today’s startup. It’s the same as the other days.

06/12/2009 08:10:53: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1390 (modMain.Main) (5.6.51)

I assume this is a Vista permissions thing? There is only one user and I have Admin rights.


This is odd. Maybe it makes sense to you?

  1. I went to Properties, Advanced, and checked Run as Administrator.
  2. Exited dialog box and started WW and got the Vista confirmation to run box. I clicked Allow.
  3. I then exited WW and went back to Properties and unchecked Run As Administrator.

Now it starts without the Updating Skin message.

May be fixed now. I’ll report back if the problem shows up again.


That error message is telling you that Weather Watcher does not have access to delete the “Skins_New” folder in the Weather Watcher program folder. The “Skins_New” folder is created when you install a new version of Weather Watcher.

When Windows Vista UAC is enabled, Weather Watcher does not have permission to delete files/folders from that location. That is something I need to change on my end. Programs should not really be deleting files/folders from the “C:\Program Files” directory.