TWC maps

:???: Why are the backgrounds in TWC antimate local radar maps black?

:sad: When I click on the road button the map suspends.

That is the background color of TWC’s Flash map. I have no idea why they chose black.

Depending on your Internet connection and the load on TWC’s website, it could take some time for the map to reload. I’m assuming you’ll notice the same thing if you view those maps directly at

:roll: Yes this is the same at the Weather Channel link. this is a recent change for this map there should be a topo with cities visable under the radar. or when you click on the roads you get more detail with roads. Is anyone experiancing this problem? :???:

Know exactley what you mean. But if you wait until the complete cycle (watch the time at the bottom) makes a loop, then click on the road, it will work and not lock up. The map on the WW did the same thing. HTH

I tried this at both sites and I still have a black background and no topo

With the change in TWC’s TOS noted else where shouldn’t these maps be removed to avoid TWC fees?

Ed_P, which specific part of their TOS are you referring to?

The part where you said

in particular the part to “license all the data” which I would think would include TWC maps.

Oh, ok, I didn’t think you saw anything. I didn’t see anything that prohibited linking to maps in IE either :icon_smile: