TRYING TO UPDATE...please help

Hi, I have the previous version of weather watcher currently on my laptop — and I LOVE LOVE it!

I was trying to just update this so my settings all stay put. Can I just update to the new version or do I need to uninstall the current version and then install the new one?

Thanks for your wonderful product and help.


If you are referring to updating from Weather Watcher to Weather Watcher Live, then you’ll have to setup all of your settings again after the first install. Both programs are installed in different locations. Weather Watcher Live is really not an update from Weather Watcher – it’s a totally separate application.

You’ll have to manually uninstall Weather Weather if you no longer wish to use it. Some people like to use both applications, so they keep both installed.

Thank you for your reply. Can you reccommend which I should use?

I prefer Weather Watcher Live because there are many real-time WeatherBug stations in my area. There are 2-3 real-time WeatherBug weather stations between my home and the first available station.

Try both. Keep the one that works best for you :cool: