Trouble installing Weather Watcher

I have been unable to install the past several releases . As it begins to install it shows there is a problem trying to rename a file, error code 183. Attached is a screen shot of the error. I couldn’t find anything in the error files. I don’t see anyone else with this issue so that tells me it is specific to my computer. I have disabled the security software and that didn’t help. I looked over the blogs and I am running Windows 10. Can you help me?

Richard Quarles

This happens when running security software (e.g. Malwarebytes) that is blocking the Weather Watcher installer. If disabling your security software did not help, then it’s likely either really not disabled or you’re running more than one security application. In the case of Malwarebytes, I found a reboot was necessary after whitelisting the Weather Watcher program folder in Malwarebytes.

If you’re not able to resolve this issue and would like me to help, please email me at and we can setup a time for me to remote into your computer.

Mike I just had this same problem for the first time ever. I disabled Malwarebyte and WW installed as it should.