Tray tooltip window visible after boot

I noticed that after WW is been loaded after reboot the tray tooltip window becomes displayed until the mouse cursor doesnt get moved. It means that when I start Windows and dont do anything while booting the tray tooltip window displays and stays displayed. Only when I move the mouse it disappeared.

does someone have any infos about this behaviour.

Which version of WW are you using?

well thats it, I got confused when I visit this forum again…there are posts about WW versions higher than the last official before the support for WW has stopped.
My version is 5.6.30

Well, you’re in the correct forum anyhow :icon_smile:

I’m thinking it’s an issue with the code itself, rather than something you can fix on your end. The fix would be to upgrade to the latest version of Weather Watcher Live (which is not freeware).

which is the last version of WW and where to download it?

… and how to update? Can I install in the programm folder over the existing version? Will I loose my settings when doing so?

Weather Watcher and Weather Watcher Live install as two separate programs. The settings are not shared between both programs, so you’ll have to set them up again after installing Weather Watcher Live.

You can download the latest Weather Watcher Live installer from the following link: