Tray Tooltip Location

I just installed Weather Watcher version 5.6.14

I like the new “Use custom tray tooltip” checkbox to the “Tray Tooltip” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window - used to allow the exact placement of the Weather Watcher skinned tray tooltip window.

I have a suggestion though in the way the location of this window is remembered.

While the vertical height of the tooltip does not change unless one changes the values shown …
the horizontal width DOES change dependant on the current condition.

I place my tooltip in the lower right hand corner of my desktop, above the time. Problem is, the right part of the window gets cut off when I place the window while the condition description is something short (like “Fair”) and then changes to something longer (like “Party Cloudy”).

My suggestion is to use the lower right corner of the tooltip as the locked point of reference as opposed to the upper left corner, as it appears is currently built. This would screw people who want to put the tooltip in the top left of their desktop, but I imagine most will be keeping it in the lower right.

Make sense?

Thanks for making such a great little program!

I like the new option also. And I positioned mine to the left of where the WW window opens so that it doesn’t overlay the bottom of the window.

In the interim you could position your tooltip a little to the left of the lower right corner. Far enough to account for the “Windy, Light Partly Cloudy Day” description. :iconbiggrin:

Ditto that for me. Thanks Mike! :thumbright:

Thanks, I figured that out myself. :cool:

I just figured that most users will put the tooltip in the lower right, since that is where the system tray is, thus your eye is already on that part of the screen. Thus the right lower corner becomes the ideal reference point.

jph6t, this sounds like a great idea. I think it would make the most sense to make the “lock” point the point that is closest to the corner of the screen. For example, if the tooltip was positioned closest to the top, left corner of your screen, the lock point would be the top, left corner of the window.

Any thoughts?

Personally I would rather have the time spent having the Options window open to the last tab open when Options were closed rather than always opening to the General tab. :icon_smile:

Mike -

Absolutely! That would be the 100% solution. I guess I just figured that would be far more difficult to code than locking the tooltip to the lower right. If it is not that much more trouble, your method sounds like the way to go as it addresses my situation AND all others (should other users prefer to put their tooltip in another part of the screen).

OT, but here you go:

jph6t, the following build should position the tooltip window in the proper position: … BSETUP.EXE

Well, locking the tooltip to the nearest corner will be a nice solution, though some users wouldn’t want it - some might like it top-left-fixed to where they put it and then just realligned so the whole tooltip i on the screen? some might like one corner fixed to the position of the mouse at the time of the mouseover, as it is customary…?

The dynamic locking is a pretty nice solution though…