Tray temperature icon

I just now found out that the temperature tray icon font is not changing color as selected. I’m trying to go from black to white and it just won’t budge. The background color, on the other hand, changes smooth as greased lightning (I don’t know, it’s one of my dad’s expressions)! Am I not doing something right to “complete the deal” or is this truly a bug? If so, it’s one I’d like to see worked out very soon, as I deal in a lot of “dark” themes. Otherwise this is a superb offering, and I’ve never run into any other problems beside this. Thanks so very much!!!

White is a known problem, and has been one for a long time. Use 254,254,254 instead.

Tray temperature icon color white

Thanks Ed! I’m clear on your response and do appreciate it!

Use 254,254,254 instead

what means that?

It’s an RGB color for a color that is very close to white.