Tray Icon

Can you check the tray icon. When I do a right click It just opens WWL. It should do the contens menu. Seen I do it twice. This is right after boot up. If I exit it and rerun it. I works like it should Plus their was an alert when it did. If there is anything you would like me try I can. Not sure if the alert has anything to do with. Thanks

When you receive a new weather alert, does a message pop up from the Weather Watcher system tray icon? That should occur if the “Show tray balloon when new weather alert is found” box is checked in the “Tray Icon” section of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Yes it is checked.

When that is checked and the message is displayed by the system tray icon, the main Weather Watcher window will open to show the weather alert. It seems Windows thought the message was displayed and told Weather Watcher you were clicking on that message instead of the system tray icon itself. Perhaps some kind of glitch when Windows starts up? Not sure :???:

That is what I was thinking it was a glitch.

Since Windows is telling Weather Watcher what kind of click occurred, there isn’t anything I can do to resolve this. A workaround would be to uncheck that Weather Watcher option.

Ok I can live with it.