Tray Icon Wrong Temp Showing

Hello All.

My tray Icon always shows the “Feels Like” temperature even though I have unchecked the option for this in the “Options” dialoue box.
Can anyone suggest how I get the Tray Icon to show the “Actual” temp and not the “Feels Like” one.

Many thanks
Steve :???:

Can you post some screenshots so we can see what you are looking at?

Hello Mike.

Here are my latest screenshots taken just after an “Update” and showing the different temp readings in the system tray and on the program?

There are two “Feels Like” temps showing here, an the tray icon shows 11? even though it should be showing the actual temp.


The thermometer is displaying the actual temperature (11). It looks like everything is displaying as it should.


The digits shown in the big red bulb are the actual temperature and they agree with what is shown on the tray icon. And they are the same as the Feels Like digits.

In fact all the Feels Like digits shown always agree with the actual or forecasted numbers.

What digits do you think are the actual temp that are not being displayed? :???: