Tray icon temp in italic

And another incident of the problem that various systems are experiencing:

WW 5.6.43, Win XP SP3.

The Internet connection was fine for other apps, WW had been installed for many days and working ok, no changes where made to fw or av other than normal daily updates. Recycling WW had no impact. Access to was fine. Repeated clicks on the Update button were ineffective though multiple instances of dl.exe and getfile.exe where running and cleared themselves out with no action on my part. :thumbright:

And after 45 mins or so, the problem cleared up and WW is working fine again.

Possibilities: Memory corruption in WW,’s feed down.

If the latter it would be nice to have the WW error window somehow denote that. Something like: Unable to access IP At least that may be helpful and certainly more accurate than the current window’s suggestions.

I’m guessing it was an issue with the data feed. Suggestion noted.