tray icon settings

There is a setting for the tool tray icon to
change font to italic if weather does not up date
a sound for severe weather warning.
I keep my sound off most of the time,
is it possiable to have a setting to change the icon
color to red when a severe weather warning is issued
and then back to normal when the user checks the warning.
this would also be of use the hearing impaired user.

in Miami

Alerts have a popup balloon option on the Options’ Tray Icon tab. Check it and you will see the alert whether you have sound on or not, and regardless of whether you have a WW forecast window open or not.

If you have a WW forecast window open there are banners and icons that display on the forecasts when there are alerts.

So with or without sound you’re pretty well covered. :icon_smile:


Thanks for the reply, it was just a thought.

in Miami

I really like Weather Watcher - it’s a great app. I would like to second the request for the ability to change the icon color on a severe alert.
I think that the tray icon changing colors on a severe alert would also be well received feature.
If you turn away from your computer screen, you might miss the popup balloon. The sound feature (sound until acknowledged) is good, but what if I’m away from my desk - my cubical neighbor will freak if the alarm goes off and I’m away. And keeping the window open takes up real-estate on an already over crowded desktop.


I believe it stays up until the mouse is moved. It redisplays when the screen saver ends. If the sound option is enabled, without the acknowledgement option, if you turn away, rather than are away, you will know that an alert is present.

I’m not sure the color change of a tiny tray icon will be noticable. But if the icon could flash it might help. :icon_smile: