Tray icon red

My tray icon is red background and the only time I remember seeing that is if there was an alert - which there isn’t today. Is this a setting I’ve missed and can’t find? I do have it set to display popup if an alert.

Please post a screenshot of the main Weather Watcher window and the “Tray Icon” --> "Colors’ section of the Weather Watcher Options window.

After doing that, try restarting Weather Watcher to see if that corrects the issue.

Thanks, Mike, but I had shut down the computer and then later when I restarted it the background is no longer red. No idea why as I hadn’t made changed anything.

If it shows up again I’ll take the screen shots and let you know.

It happened again. This morning I started up and the tray icon was normal white on blue text. I shut off the computer for about an hour and when it restarted the weather was in red. Attached are screen shots. After the screen shots I exited WWL 7.2.30 and then restarted. When it restarted it was the correct white on blue text. The blue background is the default Windows 7 system tray background and not WWL background.

All is well now but maybe something else is going on.

Happened again this morning with the red background. Clicking on the temp in the system tray the hourly forecast was in dark background (maybe night mode?) but the times displayed were correct.

I exited WWL and then restarted. Upon restart they both displayed correctly.

I didn’t do a screen shot this time.

We did have a weather alert yesterday. Could this have been carried over from that alert?