Tray Icon Problems

I just downloaded the software and like it a lot. I used to use it awhile ago.
But now the tray icon is only showing half of it. I never had this problem before. Could you please tell me why? I have tried adjusting the settings to no avail. Thanks. :???:

?? Which half? Top half, bottom half, right half, left half, front half, back half? (If two halfs make a whole how come things have 6 halfs? :razz: )

Things that impact the icon; the degree symbol, the font size, negative sign, tenth’s place. How many of these options have you selected?

Another item that impacts the icon that has never been resolved is Windows’s DPI setting. If the DPI setting is not 96 DPI the icon numbers are distorted.

DPI setting: RIGHT click on an empty location on the desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced

Tray Icon

I installed 569 for a friend and when you cross over the temp the City pops up but you cannot right click it to adjust anything.
uninstalled reinstalled several times.
Went back to 567 and it worked.
569 did not want to get temps and update wallpaper either.

Got a screenshot?

Re: Tray Icon

I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Please explain some more.

How did you try to get the temps? What happened when you tried?

Did you notice the new wallpaper formats in the bottom right of the “Wallpaper” tab of the Weather Watcher Options? If it’s set on the Active Desktop format, then you might want to verify that it works on your PC. I know some people had trouble with that format.

Re: Tray Icon

You can not right click on the popup or right click on the temp icon?

Is your firewall preventing the new versions of ww.exe and dl.exe from accessing the 'net? Mine always flags the upgrades the 1st time. Is your antivirus stopping it for getting to the 'net? Some perform similar functions of the firewall.

Tray Icon

Thanks for the advice. It was the degree symbol. I love the program. I have tried other weather software but it does not compare to this one. :cool: