Tray Icon not Updating Itself...

My Tray Icon does not update however when I look at last downloaded time it is correct. Just wondering what is going on. :sad:

I’m using WWL on WinXP Pro SP3.

I wonder if this is the same issue I’m seeing here. I have the Set tray icon to Italic when update attempt fails option enabled. Often, the tray icon goes italic because of a problem updating. But even when WWL becomes able to retrieve updates again, the tray icon stays italicized. It stays italicized even after the temp figure in the tray changes. Only restarting WWL corrects the issue.

@Whatever - I have noticed that if you open the main window, click update, and then wait for ~5 seconds after the update is done the tray icon will not go back to italicized when you minimize the window again.

I’ll try that next time, if I remember, but it still seems to be a bug.

jerrymoose, which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using? What exactly is not updating?

whatever, the tray icon should reset to normal text when the weather updates in the following build:

Mike - new install of Vista x64 and newly installed - and it has come back. For me, at least.

I jsut saw a .52 DL - let me try that build.

same deal in .52

I didn’t import my settings this time either, and rather just manually set them up after install…

Actually, a new deal. I finally upgraded the x64 to SP1 and now, it won’t update right away (and I am not talking about the 30 second delay, I mean it takes closer to 5-10 minutes) but finally the tray icon comes out of its italics.

Since the closest WB station is actually an AFB just down the road, I wonder if I am actually just not getting data, but that doesn’t seem right, because I have verified more than once live wind data that is pretty close to spot on while the tray icon was still italicized.

Who knows? At least it is trying to work like it should, even if it cannot…

Mike, The longest I have had it remain italicized thus far is about 30 minutes, definitely longer than it is supposed to.

Just for he record, I am on Vista 64bit with no 3rd party anti malware / firewall / anti virus software running.

I am getting this too. Using .52 and on vista.