Tray Icon background opens Red

XP SP2 WW 5.6.45 Although set to transparent, my tray icon background always comes up bright red everytime the system boots. I can exit, then restart using a desk icon and it is then correct.

It shouldn’t have any relevance but due to an exceptionally bright screen, I do have my background set to light grey. No other colors are affected, and I can reset background colors correctly, but I did meniton since it is something not ordinarily done.

Any ideas? Otherwise, there seems to be a lot to like in this new version.

Alec Jones

If the “Blend edges of ClearType text…” box is checked in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, the tray icon background will be set to the color of the lower, right corner of your desktop. That is normally the color of your taskbar. However, I guess it would be possible for Weather Watcher to grab the desktop color if it somehow starts to load before the taskbar appears.

Is your desktop the same red color?

Thanks for the response, Mike. It worked! I don’t know exactly WHY it worked [my desktop color is certainly NOT red] but who cares?

I always appreciate your prompt response to users problems, Mike. You have great products and I wish you every success with them.

I urge all users out there to consider supporting Mike’s efforts. If you use his products, and I do, everyday, then show your thanks with a contribution.

Same issue and same OS rev and .45 ver. of WW I even have the light gray background color.

saltcedar, did you also find that unchecking the “Blend edges of ClearType text…” box resolves the problem?

Yes, that seems to have resolved the problem.

I have a slight variation, but it all appears to be the same thing.

I’m running v5.6.48 on Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

Whenever I check the “Blend edges of ClearType text…” box, the transparent background doesn’t work.

Whatever color I set the background to, that’s what it is, even with a check in the “Make transparent” box.

No problem and this is a great program!