Tray "Condition Icon" always "NA"!


I have a little “problem” with the Tray Condition Icon in Weather Watcher Live, and I don’t know if is a bug.

I had installed previous version (I don’t remember it), with local station at “Palermo (Italy) Boccadifalco”, and seems correctly works.
After few weeks, it stops to work: “NA” symbol! :mad:

So, I unistalled previous version and installed new version (the last “beta”): Same symbol: “NA”! It never works! :roll:

This problem depends from the station? It’s the same thing with station “Palermo (Italy) Punta Raisi”!!!

If it’s important I have a PC with Windows Professional SP3.

I wish a big Help!!

Thanks for answers :thumbright:

Thanks all for many answers… :shock:

I think this isn’t a good product also for the support team!!!

No any help!

Thanks again!

Here’s a fix:

Thanks for help!

It’s better…but now the problem is another:

There’s always a “question mark” in tray icon, while in the whole text…real condition is reported!

How can I resolve?


Can anyone give me an help? Please?

Here’s a screenshot of what I see right now:

Try the following:

1) Click the “UPDATE” button on the main Weather Watcher Live window to ensure that you’re seeing current weather data.

2) Check that you’re using Weather Watcher Live If you’re not, reinstall Weather Watcher Live from the above link.


Thanks for answer, but the problem is this:

this “question mark” is always shown:

and this, is version installed (I think the last):

If I change station, in Europe is always, “?” , only in U.S. works.

I wish in your help!


royy, ah, I see now… I assumed you were talking about the tray tooltip window. Give me some time to look into this issue and I’ll reply with a fix.

Ok…i’ll wait! :icon_smile:

Thanks for help! :thumbright:

Here’s a fix:

Thanks very much… =D>

Now perfectly works!!

Wonderful program! :thumbright:

Congratulation! :icon_smile: