Tray Balloon Modificatons

Hello from Pakistan!

Dear Mike Singer,

Recently I have downloaded your software “Weather Watcher 5.6 Beta” and it worth its selection. It’s a splendid program with a good interface and self-explanatory functions. It’s more good that you have provided a bunch of ‘options’ to modify the program with once own taste and requirement.

I want to suggest some modifications especially in “tray balloon”:

(1) The city name should be 'Bold" or in a different colour. (An option may also be provided for choice)
(2) Observed and Download times should be highlighted.
(3) It’s better to add 'Date" too.
(4) Please provide zoom functions/closeups of Wallpaper images and Maps for better viewing. (in my instance I choose “Asia Satillite” Wallpaper/Map but I cannot locate my country - Pakistan)

(please see the attachment to understand what I want to say)

With Blessings & Best Wishes!
Ajmal Beig Naz
Lahore-54000. PAKISTAN.

I like the Bold city name idea. Not so much in favor of items 2 & 3 though.

Best wishes to you also ajmalbeig.

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