Transparent Longhorn Interface

Here is a modification of the Longhorn Skin with some transparency. Check it out if you like a little “see thru” to spice things up…

Note: for Weather Watcher 5.6.16 or later

[size=2](Sorry for the quality of the screenshot. I have this ultra high resolution and had to cut it down to a manageable file size)[/size]


A couple of minor cosmetic changes and a “tag” in the bottom right corner to make it easier to grab when resizing the window…


Not exactly what I was expecting. :-s

It worked okay for me :-k

I just recycled WW and it still looks the same.

Does it require 5.6.16? I just noticed that I’m on 5.6.14a on the desktop machine.

It should work on any 5.6.x release. There seems to be an issue with the window transparency. Is that Windows XP?

Windows XP Home, SP2 and all critical updates as of last Tuesday. :icon_smile: I have interfaces that have rounded corner using the transparent color so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Do you have the current version that Hunz tweaked or the original? I have the current version.

It seems that the corners are rounded but not anything inside the black border.

I downloaded the latest version. Try shutting down Weather Watcher and delete the following file:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Interface\Trans Longhorn\Trans.dat

:thumbright: That worked Mike. Thanks :icon_smile:

A rather eerie appearance when viewed with my Splendid Mini forecasts. Maybe Hunz will create a Mini version. :lol:

Interesting, I looked at Trans.dat but couldn’t make out anything in it, so I figured it was best to leave it alone since it didn’t get cause any problems for me. Should I eliminate that file from the .wws file?

I accept the challenge.

Yes. That should only cause an issue for people who are using a build older than version 5.6.16.

:-s ?

If that file is included with the .WWS file, then the transparent regions are going to be pulled from that stored file. Newer versions of Weather Watcher automatically delete and rebuild that information when the skin is drawn.

OK, done. The updated file has been posted to the link in the first post.

But if the trans.dat file relates to the skin as it exists on Hunz’s machine, and it works there, why doesn’t it work everywhere?

I guess I’m confused as to the purpose and source of the trans.dat file. What creates it, what’s it used for, etc.

It stores the transparent regions so that they do not have to be calculated everytime the skin is loaded. Long story short, it caused more bad than good, so I got rid of it.

I like this one allot. Cool.

nice will look good on my system