Transparency lost

Hi, Mike – just wanted to pass along that somewhere in the last version update or two, the status dialog no longer honors transparency for its image.

Thanks for keeping the program updated and improving! I still use it all the time. :icon_smile:

Which skin are you using?

I see the problem on the corners of the Classic Interface skin’s Status bar. Yet the corners of the Classic Interface skin itself are fine. The problem is only with the status bar.

I also see it with the Status bars on several of my skins. :shock:

I believe the problem started with 5.6.49 but it may have been 5.6.48.

This one. BTW, sorry, guess I should’ve put this in “support” instead of “suggestions” – it was late. :oops:

Hi, Ed – hope you’re doing well! In the FWIW category, I noticed I never did get mentioned in the “about” page for your EdsEyeCandy skin – you may remember I did the mods on the status dialog & close button.

Not the end of the world, though. Just thought that since I first brought up the “stone soup” concept… [cough]


I’ve actually noticed this issue on any skin that has the pink transparency color in the status.bmp file that provides the background for the update process. The other parts of the skin that have transparency work just fine.

Hi Landroid. :icon_smile:

Near as I can see that skin is a mod I did directly off of Contreras’s skin. Granted it is a skin that I haven’t touched in 3 yrs so I could be mistakened. Do you have a link referencing the changes you mention?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll include a fix in the next Weather Watcher release.

Sure – here (same one I left for Mike above). Nothing real urgent, but in case you ever diddle with it again, a nod would be cool. :thumbright:

Thanks, Mike, for looking into the transparency thing…