Tooltip is not always displayed

Hello everybody.

I am noticing that the WW tooltip is not always displayed when I hover the mouse over the temperature icon in the system tray. Other tooltips in this area work OK at the same time.

If I right click the icon and then click somewhere else (to close the menu), then the tooltip displays on the next hover. But only for a limited period of time.

Do you have any ideas?

I am using WW 5.6.16.

What version of Windows are you running? And what version of IE?

Sorry about not specifying this earlier.

I am running a fully patched XP with SP2 and I have recently upgraded to IE7. However, I think (though not 100% sure) that this was happening with IE6 as well…

P.S. Please keep in mind that this does not happen always. I will try to figure out any possible interference from another piece of software, but on the other hand I haven’t installed anything suspicious…

I had problems with WW and IE 7 and eventually reverted back to IE 6. It was the easier solution.

Well… I would rather keep IE7, because I am afraid what could happen if I try to roll back.

My issue with WW is relatively minor, so I will try to live with it until it somehow disappears. :slight_smile: