Tool Tip Location

I saw information about the tool tip location being fixed for folks that have the task bar on the top of the screen, but a quick scan didn’t show this situation, so I am posting here. I have my taskbar set to auto hide, the 5.6.9 version Tool Tip pops up covering the temperature so I can’t easily point to and click/right click. I can, if I get the pointer at just the right point below the temp display, click or right click to open or get to the menu, but it’s a bit hard to get to just the right point. I found I can click on the taskbar below the Tool Tip and it puts the bottom of the window behind the taskbar so I can get to the temp display, but prior builds had the Tool Tip displaying quite a bit higher on the screen so it didn’t get in the way. If I turn off auto hide, the Tool Tip will move up on the screen and not get in the way, it’s only with the task bar set to auto hide that I have the problem. It would work best if the Tool Tip displayed in the same location in either case and not move down with the auto hide turned on.

Try this:

Note: Download the above file to “C:/Program Files/Weather Watcher”. Before doing so, you might want to rename your existing “ww.exe” file to “ww.old”.

Tried the updated file, but same result. The Tool Tip window is still way to low on the screen, although I can at least see the very bottom edge of the temp display.

Got a screenshot?