Too much "Weather Watcher" , put WW instead - Glen

Hi, I’m Glenn Kawesch and wanted to tell you the forum looks good, the graphics are nice, don’t hurt the eye.
Suggestions - “Wather Watcher” appears so many times on this forum index that it’s hard to read the actual information, I personally don’t like this, otherwise it’s fine. Congrats!

   Glenn Kawesch

There are quite a few. :icon_smile:

I think the Unofficial and Old Releases sections could be combined into one. And even the Bugs and Support sections could be combined. No telling when Support ends up being a bug and vica versa.

I made some changes to the forum names — and combined some of the forums. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on this topic.

:thumbright: I like the changes. :icon_smile: Nice job.

I think you forgot to merge Old StickIt Releases with Unofficial & Old Releases.

Got it… thanks :cool: