Toggle icon color while downloading weather information/maps

Toggle icon or icon color during the downloading of weather information wallpaper.

This feature would be helpful by indicating to the user when WW (DL.exe) is busy downloading. This feature would be another checkbox on the Tray Icon tab.

On my fast work machine, I can open TaskMgr and see that DL.exe takes only about 2 seconds and nearly maxes out the CPU during that moment. On my slower home machine, the CPU is maxed out for about 6 seconds every 5 minutes during the update. I have both Weather and Wallpaper set to update every 5 minutes. It would be comforting to me if I knew that WW was doing it’s data processing during that moment.

Thank you,
Patrick B

Since updates their data at best every 20 mins setting WW to update every 5 min is overkill. Unless of course you don’t mind the 6 sec drag on your home system every 5 mins. :icon_smile:

Hi Ed, Pardon me for being off topic, but does not update more frequently when a watch/warning is released? I watch those pretty carefully since I live in Tornado Alley and it is that time of year. I don’t believe I’ve been caught waiting over 5 minutes on WW to be alerted to an alert that my Weather Radio has announced.

Patrick B

Now that’s a good question PatrickB. I really don’t know. :dontknow: The next time an alert pops up I will have to remember to check the Tool Tray popup and see the time of the last update.

My gut feeling is it’s tied to the update but I could be wrong (won’t be the 1st time). And in your location its understandable you don’t want to take a chance.