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Hello Mike,

I think you have created a marvellous piece of software, which I do enjoy very much having on my Pocket PC. Your program would be even more useful if there would be a Today screen plugin. Have you considered added such an option to Weather Watcher.

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What would you suggest be added or removed from the current display. :-s

I suggest that a Today screen plugin might contain either a 5- or 7-day weather forecast, the best thing would be a choice of either option. A very nice thing would be if the plugin could also contain some information about the current conditions, for example, temperature, humidity, and air pressure, but, of course, such a solution might take up a considerable amount of space on the Today screen.


today plug in

I absolutely agree, it would be fantastic to have a today plug in!Thanks

Re: today plug in

any chance for such a plug in? I love the program!

Re: today plug in

Would be truly great to have a Today plugin added to Weather Watcher for Pocket PC. Would Mike Singer consider this suggestion?

Re: today plug in

I would like to add that feature. The plug-in creation process is not very well documented and I haven’t had much time to look into it, so I haven’t gotten very far with the idea.

Re: today plug in

Any progress yet with a Weather Watcher Today screen plugin? Such an addition would surely make Weather Watcher THE weather program for the Pocket PC. It would make all other weather programs now available obsolete!

 Bj?rn Malmgren

I can just agree. You made very nice software for PDA. :thumbright: I´am missing only today csreen plug in. Did you made some progress with thie matter? I have version 1.0.12.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Mike, This is a great piece of software! Kudos to you. The only thing missing is the today plugin. Any progress there?

jdh2550, no, I have not even began to explore that yet.