Time Error '76' with the French patch

J’utilise la version 5.3 sans probl?me. Par contre le patch fran?ais ne fonctionne pas et me renvoie l’erreur:“Run Time Error ‘76’: path not found”. Pouvez vous faire quelquechose pour moi.

My english is not good.
y use the 5.3 version without problem. But with the french patch, the program don’t run and return me “Time Error ‘76’: path not found”.
Can you make something for me.
Thank you very much



I’m using the “5.6 beta 11” release of Weather Watcher.

Is there a french release, a french patch or a french skin for this release ?

Thanks a lot and ragards

Christian PIGNOL

I haven’t seen one.

pignolch, did you see my posting in the thread at http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/t … PIC_ID=557 ? In particular the last posting in it.

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