Tide Tables

Great program. A nice addition would be a link to tide tables for those of us on the coast.

Mark Nikas

Even though the Map Manager was created to add maps, you could use it to add any type of link to the Maps menu.

Hi Mark,

I too live on the coast and our tide changes by 3.4m - I fopnd this really cool freeware app for private use WXTide32.

What Mike has done for weather on the task bar, WXTide32 does for tides.

[:D] Cheers

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Hello Mike.

The Map Manager is wonderfull, however, I added some links to other weather pages, but the window is to small to show the site.
It would be nice, if the windows adjusted itself to the website you log on.
Is this possible?

Regards, Flip


I looked into adding a feature that would autonatically resize the Map Viewer window (which is an IE window), but I couldn’t figure out a way to do this. I don’t think it’s possible.

You can resize the Map Viewer yourself, and it’ll remember the size and position for each map when the map is opened again.

Too bad that there is not a method to allow the Map links or any embedded link to be increased to full screen size (maximized view).

Today I inserted a link to an Intellicast Rader image for my area into your Map links and works fine other than the size. Again noted however for this and other views that eventually find their way into the Map History - link does not update readily as part of history from viewing such a map. Eventually they seem to get into the history but not sure what step(s) need to occur first before this happens - ah but I digress.

Rather than or in addition to shortcut in the Weather Watcher Window to allow user to View local forecast at weather.com - why not consider to include or allow for a customizeable (sp??) option be inserted into this area that would allow user to launch a custom (selected) URL e.g. on that I routinely use:

http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLoca … e&pid=none

Into either the default browser for the system as you have it now or in a browser that user can specify for this activity.

ergo - If I was able to embed this link into the (your) weather watcher page, say as an icon on the left hand panel of “buttons” or in the bottom area of the weather watcher window I might not need to keep a competing product such as that developed by Intellicast.com on my system. This being installed - primarily to readily access the radar image for my area in a “normal” browser window.

Hope this helps. You have a good product in development.