This site should be added as data source for ww!

Is there a way to add weather underground radar maps to Weather Watcher. They have a REALLY COOL map feature, with maps that show the cities and roads in the area being viewed. Below is an example at link below, of the area I live in. … 83&zoom=10

I would LOVE to see weather underground’s maps and features become available in weather watcher.

More examples of some of the features at weather underground site that would be cool to have accessible from weather watcher. … ry=Indiana

These pages, especially the first link, are so informative because they can show close ups of the area I live in, and the radar map at the first link, with the roads and cities marked, enable me to know where the storm activity is in relation to where my town is.

In this respect, weather underground is superior to all the sites presently used for weather watcher data.

Weather Underground front page…

:-s Why not use … 46&zoom=10

The Weather Underground’s maps you refer to, similar to NWS and NOAA weather maps, are composites of multiple images and put together by the website’s code. To create your own version would require you creating an html version of the asp page.

The WW TWC animated maps are very similar in features to what you refer to. Try the World TWC Close and Far animated maps.

I would support a WW version that used Weather Underground as a data source. A version using NWS/NOAA data also. :icon_smile: