the "live" in WW Live?

hm, :-s …I can not understand what is the difference exactly between WW and WWLive? WW gives me so and so the live weather conditions, doesn’t it?
What is the “live” in the WWLive?

The main difference is that Weather Watcher Live offers real-time (“live”) weather data. Not all areas offer live weather station data right now. As Weather Watcher Live evolves, you’ll eventually be able to access data from personal weather stations (PWS) – like those found at

The main difference is that Weather Watcher Live offers real-time (“live”) weather data.

and what does WW do? It is not real-time?

No. Weather Watcher retrieves the weather data from Most of data for’s cities are updates about every 20 minutes. They do not own their own weather stations (like WeatherBug does), so they probably don’t have much control over that.

does this mean that there will be a different information (=weather conditions and forecasts) between and weatherbug, because this are two different sources?

Yes, you will most likely see differences since the data is being recorded from different locations.

hm, that is not good :-s

How is it not good? It’s the ultimate in weather reporting to have data at your fingertips that is closest to your home instead of several miles away! So it may be 50.3 a half mile from your house NOW but you would rather see a temperature reading that is from somewhere else in your city that is over 20 minutes old?

Go figure.

tclarkey4, I know there are not as many weather stations available outside of the US. That will change as people start setting up WeatherBug stations internationally and WeatherBug starts collecting data for personal weather stations. I think we’ll see both of those things sometime this year.

so if I install WW Live and go add/search for city in Germany to view the weather this will be the full list of the cities I can view the wather condition … g_id=de-DE

That will be the full list of cities available in Weather Watcher Live, yes. However, there is not a weather station in each of those cities.

On WeatherBug’s website, they are displaying the weather for the closest weather station to the selected city. I believe is doing the same thing.

ok, but in weatherbug there are more cities than in, there are cities that are not present in Thats might be good :slight_smile:

But what means if city A is in the list but the weather station is in city B? Does it mean that the weather in A is presented equal to the weather in B where the station is? This shloudnt make sense if so…

It means the weather station in city B is the closest available weather station to city A.

ok, but does the station in B provide its weather for the city A? Or other expressed: is the weather forecast in A the forecast for B actually, because in A there is no station?

stupid question, hope you understand it

Regardless of which city you choose, the resulting stations will be the closest available stations. That means the resulting stations could be in other cities if the entered city (city A) has no weather stations.

yes Mike, but can B provide weather information/forecast about A? I mean is it possible that one station gives informations about the cities around?
Is this weather infornation from B about A specific and special for A? Or B gives the same weather forecast for all near cities without station?

Hope you understand now what I mean

No. B is a weather station sitting at the displayed location. It is an actual weather instrument collecting wind data, temperature data, etc. There is no way it could collect weather data for any other location than where it is currently installed.

No. I believe that’s what The Weather Channel does though – they somehow estimate the weather for locations where there isn’t an actual weather station and declare that as the weather for the selected location. WeatherBug does not estimate their data – it is actually recorded in the location where the weather station is listed as being located.

No, A and B have nothing to do with one another. You are only selecting A so that the list of weather stations to pick from can be narrowed down. The list of weather stations you see is the list that is closest to A. Since there are cities in the world that have no weather stations, it is possible that the closest weather station will be in a city other than A.

No, B only provides the weather information for its actual location.

Then, there is no sinse to select A (no local station) from the list to see the weather. Is it not better to select B ?

A is the city – B is the actual weather station. You must first select the city (A) so Weather Watcher Live knows which list of weather stations (B) to display for your selection.