The disappearing tray temp icon

Just wanted to mention I had to roll back to 6.06 because the tray temp icon for 6.0.11 kept disappearing hidden when inactive. XP Pro SP3

Re: Rolled back to 6.06 due to disappearing tray temp icon

Is 6.0.6 still working properly? If you just reinstalled it, then please give it some time and let me know what you find.

Re: Rolled back to 6.06 due to disappearing tray temp icon

Yes, 6.06 is working fine. Both the temp and condition tray icons stay visible at all times. Even though the temp icon defaults to Hide when Inactive in Properties, it never hides.

Re: Rolled back to 6.06 due to disappearing tray temp icon

If the Weather Watcher Live icon is set to “Hide when inactive”, then I would expect Windows to hide it when the application is inactive.

When you had 6.0.11 installed, did you ever try setting the Weather Watcher Live icon to “Show”?

Re: Rolled back to 6.06 due to disappearing tray temp icon

I had set the temp tray icon to Always Show for 6.0.11, but Windows kept defaulting it back to Hide when Inactive and even though the program was set to update Live, the temp icon would eventually always go hidden. The Condition icon will stay set to Always Show for all versions. Version 6.06 temp icon will remain visible regardless of the Hide when Inactive setting in Properties.

Re: Rolled back to 6.06 due to disappearing tray temp icon

I’m happy to report version 6.0.14 temp tray icon does not appear to go hiding. It’s been installed for a few hours now.

Update 02/20/09–

This is confirmed. Working fine… No… update below.

Update 02/21/09

After three days the temp icon hides as inactive again. I did a registry cleanup last night, so that may be causing some problem. I plan to uninstall, reinstall and watch for specific WWL entries presented during a registry cleanup. If that’s not it, I’ll roll back to 6.06 again.

Update 02/25/09

Looks like uninstalling and reinstalling 14 worked (nope-see below).

Update later on 02/25/09

The temp icon went hiding again. I’m going to try to turn off the conditions icon and just go with the temp icon to see what happens. Never had this issue with 6.06 or earlier.

When options are set to just show the temp icon, taskbar properties indicate the temp icon had already been set to Always Show. With both icons selected, the temp icon defaults to Hide When Inactive and the conditions icon to Always Show. I’ll miss the conditions icon—give me a Kleenex.


In your programming , is there a way to trick the OS so that the second tray icon appears to be owned by another program in the WWL folder? That way, both temp and conditions icon would stay set to Always Show.

Thiggy, I don’t know if that would be possible. Did you have any luck with turning off the condition icon?

Yes. When I turned off the conditions icon, the temp icon in Properties defaulted to Always Show and worked fine. I don’t have too many tray icons, overall, and just deselected the Hide Inactive Icons so all of them will stay visible. Both WWL icons worked fine together with 6.06 and earlier and I suppose the tray changes probably affected the inactive hide behavior.

I’m good. Thanks for responding. Maybe this icon thing was fixed in Vista. It’s always been a known in XP for tray settings to switch from Always Show to Hide When Inactive on the fly for some programs. I know you’ve had those discussions in the regular WW forum. I had always planned to skip Vista and move from XP Pro to Windows 7 after building a new box.

Let this thread move on down the forum.

Thanks again.