The Beta Version

I am still using the recent beta version - yes even with the errors I get at start up I like it - so I just live with it.

But I don’t want to live the errors forever!

So, are you going to do a final or should I just trash it and use the most recent version you have of the weather watcher?

If so - I would recommend in the next verion of WW that you put in the text file of the weather maps like in the Beta version - it makes it easier to delete all those maps that come with WW by default and then I can use the map manager to put in my own maps. Now I know you did a lot of work on those maps - but frankly I only want to use my selected map links and it takes me a God awful time to delete all those maps that come with WW just so I can have just the 4 I want to use.

Thanks, in advance, for your response!