Test build to fix hanging parsing problem


Yes, that worked! :thumbright: I’ll check if it works at home tonight.

yes it worked for me too - at home.
Will try it at work tomorrow - fingers crossed!!!

It worked for me too. Thanks Mike. :icon_smile:

And it worked at home. :iconbiggrin:

Here is another build:

The last build was not showing the last updated time at the bottom of the forecasts (for some people). I think this build will resolve that issue.

Here is another build:

This build should fix the time format.

well it works ok for me now at home - but there’s still the connection not found when at work. not sure why this is - every other app finds it fine.

could it be that your app is somehow cacheing my home connection settings and when it doesn’t find them gives up?

Parsing is not working on my new iPAQ 6915


I soory to say, my iPAQ will not parse with any of these releases (102’s), what can I do?
Or what can you do?

By the way it’s a Danish version of WM2005 on the iPAQ 6915.

Best Regards

Bjarne Dein

Re: Parsing is not working on my new iPAQ 6915

Did you try this release?

Yes I did

Did you try deleting the Weather Watcher program folder and reinstalling Weather Watcher? Where exactly does the status bar get stuck (how many bars display)? Which language do you have set in the “Regional Settings” of the Windows system settings?

Yes - I did try un/reinstall it several times
One bar is comming up, and it changes to “parsing…” it hangs


BjarneDein, which language do you have set in the “Regional Settings” of the Windows system settings?

Sorry - I forgot that - it’s Danish

I tried setting my regional setting to Danish, but the weather still updated okay. That said, it doesn’t seem that the regional setting is causing the issue. I’m not sure where else to look at this point :???:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for trying!
Another thing then - when uninstalling, it seems like something is still saved in registry, or somewhere else since it doesn’t start from scratch, like the first time where it starts asking for a city - why/how that?

One more thing is that it won’t install the shortcut in the right way…?
When looking from the file manager the link is there, but it’s not in the menu, for some strange reason - do you have an idea?

BR Bjarne

Weather Watcher creates the registry keys when you first run the application. That said, the uninstaller does not know they exist. There is probably a way to uninstall them… I’ll have to read up on that topic.

Which menu?

It came to my mind, that you might not have got the (important) point, that the OS this new WM5 is actually Danish - not only the Regional Settings, but ALSO the OS its self.

Sorry - if you didn’t get this until now.

BR Bjarne

Hmm… I was figuring the regional setting was used to set the language of the OS :???: